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Ryan Henry is the part-time blogger and content creator at 3thingstodo.com. He writes for his passion and explores the things in simple and easy ways. The idea of this blog came when he was researching the tutorial of “How to make kids busy.” The Ryan started to research about kids and all those actions that make kids busy and explore the ideas that increase the mental ability and sharp their minds.

In this blog, my team and I are collecting the ideas of kids activity and all the topics that based on strong guidance. You can find all the tutorials and questions that start with “How to” and “How to make.” You can request any topics/ tutorials by submitting a single email.


The basic idea of 3thingstodo.com is to provide the complete and precise information on all issues. You can correct if you found any wrong or false information. We try our best to give the authentic methods. We found the topics and research them before writing and publishing on the blog. We response of your all quires within 24-hours.

I want to make this blog for peoples and win their trusts by providing the best information and by fulfilling their problems. You can make a request by filling the form here.