72 Fun Science Experiments for Kids

72 Fun Science Experiments for Kids

72 Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Multiple Fun Science Ideas That Mak Kids Busy

This guide of Fun Science Experiments For Kids. School going Kids are always eager to learn interesting stuff. They are more interested in doing experiments and getting new results. These science experiments teach the kids a lot. If you want your kid to be more intelligent, experimental and innovative, then you should let him play and do some fun science experiments.

These Fun science experiments for kids are the best way you can make your kid play and learn at the same time. These experiments are entirely unharmful and mind boosters. Here are the 72 fun science experiments for kids which they can try at home safely.

All experiments are simple and easy to do which the kids will enjoy performing. These science experiments for kids are more fun and enjoyable.

Making Colourful Bubbles

Children like colorful things. This experiment makes them learn using their interest. To make colorful bubbles, doesn’t require any particular kind of skills or ingredients. It is so simple, easy and captivating that any child will love it.  You need a blower, shampoo, water and your favorite colors. Add shampoo and food colors to water and mix slightly. Do not form bubbles while combining. Now use the blower to blow bubbles of different colors and let your kid feel the essence of creativity.

Don’t Forget To subscribe the Cutie. Her Youtube channel name is Ayesha Farrukh. She Just made it with one color. You can add many colors as you like.

Slime With Glue & Shaving Cream

Slime is a very soft toy product. The softness of slime gives a feeling of joy to children. In this topic, we will share with you the natural method of how to make slime at home with available ingredients. Collect some essential daily usable components and from mud. Make a mixture, add glue to your favorite food color and mix it well. Now add your dad’s shaving foam and mix it with a spoon. When it gets firm, start molding it with hands, and you will get a perfect colored slime. In this video, he didn’t use any color. You can add your favorite colors too:).


Fill two bottles with water. Add two different food colors in bottles. Do not mix. Now take a jar and fill it with water and on top of that add some foaming gel to form a cloud. Now use a syringe to pour colored water on the foam. You will see a fantastic pattern of colorful rain.

They Both are cute & innocent, and they are making short videos for their YouTube channel My Brothers and Me-TV. Please do subscribe their channel and encourage them to continue the videos.

Cold & Warm Water

Warm water stays on top, and cold water stays down. Fill two glasses of water one with warm and one with cold water. Mix one with blue and one with yellow coloring. Now put cardboard on warm water and invert it on the chilled water glass and remove the cardboard.

You will see that the water does not mix. Now repeat and put the cardboard on cold water and put in on top of the warm water. Remove the cardboard; you will see that the water turns green. The blue, cold water sinks down and mixes with yellow water to form green. Watch the full video at HooplaKidzLab – Youtube Channel.

Bouncing Grapes

Fill a glass with carbonated water. All you need to do is to put some grapes in the glass. You will see that there are small bubbles which form on the vines and the grapes go up and down in the carbonated water.

Sand Dough

In a bowl pour four tablespoons of boric acid. Add two tablespoons of glue and your favorite food color. Now add one cup of sand to it and mix it. It will make you perfect sand dough which you can use to create different items.

Make a Volcano

Get an empty bottle. Go outside in the backyard and build a mountain around the bottle just like a volcano. Now add vinegar and the red color to it. Add a tablespoon of baking soda, and you will get an eruption.

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Flying Lanterns

To make a flying lantern, you will need tea bags. Go to the kitchen and take a few tea bags. Take out the tea from the tea bags. They will form a hollow cylindrical shape. Now put these on the table top and use a matchstick to light up the top. As the tea bags burn, they will start flowing in the air, just like the flying lanterns in the night sky.

Make Your Telescope

Take two coca cola/ Pepsi or any cold drink or other plastic bottles. You will also need two magnifying lenses. Cut one bottle from the bottom and the top. Cut the other bottle only from the bottom. Colour the bottles black on the outside. Now fix one bottle with a giant magnifying glass at one end using tape.

Fix a small magnifying glass on the other bottle’s top opening. Hold this bottle and see through the small lens while you hold the larger lens with the other hand, just like a telescope.

A very old but yet gold Video for kids. You Can find more videos on youtube. If you found this article helping for you, Please share this page with your friends and let me know any suggestion in the comment box. Your advice will be appreciated.

Make The Eggshell Disappear

You need an egg and a bowl of vinegar. Take an egg and put it in the bowl of vinegar. The acid, i.e., vinegar will react with the shell, i.e., calcium. And it will leave the egg behind without its shell. The egg without the shell also bounces like a ball.

The Kid’s Lava Lamp

It is a natural experiment. You need oil, food coloring and a jar or bottle of water. Fill the pot with water. Add food color to the oil. Pour the oil into the water. Now put in an antacid tablet. It will form colorful lava bubbles in water.

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Which Colour Absorbs More Heat? 

You need a thermometer and different pieces of cloths with a different color. All you need is to put the piece of fabric in sunlight and put a thermometer under it. Place each fabric in sunlight for one minute and record the temperature. You will know which color absorbs more heat.

The Flying Plane

Draw a shape of an airplane on paper. Cut the paper, paste it into a mirror. Close all the doors of the room and leave one opening where sunlight reaches the mirror. You will see the shadow of the airplane on the wall as you move the mirror.

Make a Quick Ice-Cream Without Freezing

Mix whipped cream with powdered sugar and your favorite food flavor. Place it in a plastic baggie. Now fill a large baggie with ice and pour in salt. Now put the small baggie in the large baggie and shake it. Your ice-cream is ready.

Fill Balloon With Gas 

Get a bottle and fill it with vinegar. Now add soda to the vinegar and quickly attach the balloon to the top of the bottle opening. The gas will automatically load the aircraft.

Balloon Electric Charge 

When you rub the balloon with your hair, it will charge up the balloon’s surface. Now when you bring it back close to the nose, it will attract the hair just like a magnet attracts the iron.

Do Not Forget to Share this funny experimental video.  I found this funny charges balloon video at Best balloon hair ever.

Balloons On The Wall

You can attach the balloons to the wall without a using tape, glue or any thread. All you need is to rub the balloons against your head. It will create an electric charge. Now when you place the balloon on the wall, it will stick to the wall and won’t fall.

Hot Air Balloon

Get a helium balloon. Use paper to make a basket. Attach the basket to the aircraft using various strings. Let the hot air balloon float.

New Pennies

You can make the pennies brand new by adding them to a mixture of salt and vinegar. Add pennies to the mix and rinse. You will get brand new pennies.

What Melts Ice Faster? 

Take three ice cubes and put each in salt, sugar and baking soda. You will notice that sugar melts the ice faster than salt. Baking soda comes at last; it does not affect melting the ice.

The Invisible Ink

 You can use lemon juice as invisible ink. Fill the ink pen with lemon juice instead of regular ink. Write it on paper and let it dry. Now put the article on heat (you can use the candle) and see the words appear on the paper.

Grow Beans In a Jar

You will need a kitchen napkin. Soak it with water and place it in a jar. Now put the bean on the towel. Spray water on the grain on a daily basis and do not let the napkin dry out. You will see the grain starts to grow roots and stems in a few days.

Bend Water

To bend water running down from a tap you need static electricity. You will find plenty of that when you comb your hair. The comb has static electricity.

Place the comb vertically on a slow running water tap to see that water bends towards the comb. Make sure that you d not touch the comb with the water.

Make Your Needle Magnet 

Creating a magnet is easy. All you need is to get a pin and rub it and stroke it on the magnet in the same direction almost 50 times. It will become the magnet.

Create a Compass 

You need a bowl of water, a needle or a pin, a magnet and a piece of cork. First, you need to turn your needle into an attraction. Rub it against the magnet in a similar direction to make it a magnet. Now place the needle on the cork and let the cork float on water in the bowl. The needle will turn around and work as a compass.

Passing the Magnetism

You may need ten to twenty pins. You can move on the magnetism by merely attaching a pin to the magnet and then touching the rest of the pins with the first pin. All the bolts will connect with each other as if all were magnets.

Frozen Bubbles

You need a bowl of water, dishwashing soap and corn syrup. Mix corn syrup and water and then add soap to it. Mix well, do not form bubbles. Now get a straw in the mixture and blow a bubble. It will freeze after some time.

Candy Chromatography 

You will need a black jellybean, some water and a round piece of filter paper. Place the filter paper flat in a dish. Now dip the black jellybean in water for five or six seconds and then place it in the middle of the filter paper.

Let it rest for ten minutes, and you will see various colors. These are the colors which from the candy are made.

Test Expansion of air 

You can quickly test the expansion of air by heat using a bottle and a balloon. Get a bottle, stretch the opening of the aircraft and seal it around the bottle’s opening.

Now place a bottle on a hot surface so that the air in the cylinder gets heat. You will see that the balloon inflates.

Test Direction of a Flying Plane

First, you need to make a paper plane. Throw it in the air to see the flight; it will be straight flight. Now bend the corner of the plane and then again throw it in the air, you will see it will change the direction of its flight. It is how the airplanes change direction in real life too.

Create Some Oobleck

Oobleck is a material which behaves as liquid and solid both depending on certain conditions. To create it you need one cup of water and then add to it 1 to 2 cups of cornstarch slowly and mix. Mix it with hands after some time until it gets in a condition in which you can play with it.

Tornado In A Bottle 

It is one of the most straightforward experiments for kids. Fill a bottle with water, close it and invert it so that the opening is downwards. Now swirl the bottle with your hands and shake it in a clockwise direction to see the tornado form in the container.

Tornado In A Jar

You need a jar, water, and dish wash soap. Add water to the pot and add a few drops of dish wash soap. Now shake the jar side to side vigorously. You will see a cloud of foam from which will then turn into an apparent tornado.

Mentos With Coke Eruption

You need a diet coke and mentos. All you need is to be in an open area, lawn or backyard. Now place the diet coke on a table in the middle, open it and put half a dozen Mentos in the coke. It will erupt like the real hot geyser from earth.

Create Play Dough

To create play dough, you need food colors, 1 cup flour, one tablespoon cream of tartar, water, salt and one tablespoon vegetable oil. In a bowl add water, salt, cream of tartar and oil and mix.

Now add flour and mix and then add food colors of your choice. Knead until it forms a dough.

Change Colour of Flowers

You will need white flowers with long stems, food coloring and three vases. Add water and three different colors to each vas. Now put the bulb in each vas so that the stem is dipped in the water. Leave them for a few days and see the flower petals will color the same as the coloring of water.

Create 3D Glasses

You need a transparent plastic sheet, chart paper, scissors, red and blue markers. Cut the chart paper into a frame of glasses. Cut the transparent layer in two pieces for the drinks.

Now use a light colored marker and color one side red and the other side blue. Your 3D glasses are ready.

Create Egg Geode

You will need an egg, food coloring, and borax. First, empty the eggs, do not break the egg. Leave an opening on the top so that you can pour the mixture in the eggshell.

Mix borax and water in a bowl and add food color of your choice. Add the mixture to the eggshell. Leave it for a few days, and it will form a beautiful geode.

Snowstorm In A Jar

You will need a jar, oil, water, glitter, white color and Alka Seltzer tablet. Add oil to a pot almost quarter. Now mix white color with water and add to the jar of oil and mix.

Add glitter to the mixture. Now put in a couple of Alka Seltzer tablets to see the storm of snow in the jar.

Rainbow In A Jar

You will need food coloring, honey, water, olive oil, light corn syrup, blue dish soap, a tall container, and a dropper. Pour in honey first, then purple-colored corn syrup. Then pour dish soap which is green.

Add blue color to dish soap and then pour it in again. Then add olive oil, and then add rubbing alcohol red. Your rainbow is ready.

Make Neon Eggs

You will need neon colors, a few eggs, and vinegar. Take a few jars and add vinegar to each pot and mix different colors. Now put in the raw eggs in each jar.

Vinegar will rip off the shell. You will have colored eggs without a tank. Now place the eggs in front of a torch, light to see the fun in the dark.

Dancing Colourful Milk

You will need a tray, milk, food colors, dishwasher soap, and toothpicks. Add milk to the plate. Put various food colors in different positions on the milk surface.

The food colors will not mix because of surface tension. Now dip the toothpicks in the soap and then drop the toothpicks in the milk. The food coloring will start moving to create a dancing pattern.


You can use a handkerchief to build a parachute. Use each end of the tissue and tie it with thread. Use the four terms of the threads and tie them together to form a parachute. You can put in various items to see the speed of the parachute coming down.

Glowing Soap Experiment

 You will need Ivory soap. Cut it into four pieces. Place one piece in a microwave. The heat will expand and explode the soap. Turn on the microwave until the soap no longer expands. Take out the soap it will be fluffy. Now add glowing water to it. Place it in the dark to see the soap glow.

Butterfly Chromatography

 You will need markers of different colors and Coffee filters. Color the coffee filters in the middle with different colors. Fold the coffee filter in a cone shape and place them in water vertically in small cups. You will see each color gives different color patterns of absorption.

Rock Candy Experiment

Combine one cup of sugar with one cup of water and mix. Heat until all sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and let it cool. Now coat the sticks with this sugar mixture. Add water and food coloring to the jar and mix. Add sugar to the pots too.

Now put the sugar-coated sticks in the jar. Rest for a few weeks, and you will see the candy grows on the stick.

Glowing Volcano

For this, you will need bright paint, vinegar, and baking soda. Add vinegar to a transparent cup and mix glowing paint. Now add baking soda to see the glowing eruption in the dark.

Dancing Jingle Bells

You will need a glass container, jingle bells, and carbonated soda. Fill the jar with the carbonated water, and you will see the bells will start dancing.

Colored Ants

For this science experiments, you will need ants which have transparent stomachs. Feed the ants with sweet colored water drops. The ants’ stomach will change the color. If you feed them with milk, the stomach will be colored white.

Exploding Zipper Bags

Fill three zipper-lock bags with one tablespoon of baking soda. Now add different amounts of vinegar to each bag. Close the bags quickly and see which one explodes first.

Exploding Colors

You will need a zipper, baking soda, dry colors, and vinegar. Add baking soda and dry color to a zipper bag and mix. The baking soda will get color. Now add vinegar and close the bag. The reaction will produce colorful gas.
Simple science activities for kids

Pendulum Experiment

You will need a pendulum with different weights. Attach different weights to pendulums and then record which pendulum stops first. Also, change the length of the string to see if that affects the time of swing.

Create a Rainbow With Water

You will need a mirror, glass of water, a torch and a dark room. Place the mirror in a glass of water at an angle. Make sure that you are in a dark room. Now light the torch and see the reflection of the mirror. You will get a rainbow.

Build An Electromagnet

You can build an electromagnet using a dry cell battery. Get an iron nail and fold it with copper wire. Attach the ends of the thin copper wire to each end of the battery. Your nail is now a magnet. Test it with paperclips.

Make A Telephone

You will need two plastic cups or two empty cans and a string. Punch a hole in the cans or cups in the middle. Do not make the holes larger than the string’s diameter. Pass the strings in the cans and tie a knot on the inside, so the strong does not pop out. Your telephone is ready. Speak with a partner.

Homemade Stethoscope

You will need two plastic funnels, plastic tube, duct tape. Tie the small funnel to one end of the plastic tube and seal it with the tape. Do the same with a larger funnel on the other end of the plastic tube. Your stethoscope is ready.

Test The Brands Of Paper Towel

Take five brands of paper towel. Get five jars of water. Take the same amount of paper towel from each brand and place it in water vertically so that half paper towel is inside water and half in the air. Dip each cloth in water for 10 seconds and take out. See which towel absorbs more water to know which one is a good reliable brand.

Charge A Light Bulb

Get a light bulb a comb and a woolen scarf. Rub the comb against the woven scarf for five minutes. Once you do this, quickly touch the comb with the metal end of the bulb. The bulb will light up.

Fishing The Ice Cubes

You will need ice cubes a glass of water and salt. Add ice cubes to the glass of water and then dangle a string on the ice cube. Now add salt to the water over the ice cube. Let it rest for a few minutes. Now lift the line, you will see the ice cube is attached to the string. Just like fishing the ice cubes.

Saltwater Experiment

The salt water does not allow the items to sink. Take two bowls and fill with fresh tap water. In one pan add six tablespoons of salt and mix. Now put one egg each in the pot. See the egg will sink into the bowl without salt water.

The Potato Battery

You need two potatoes, a copper wire, and two galvanized nails. You also need a low voltage LED bulb. Coil the needles with copper wire and insert each needle into the one potato. Use the other ends of the wires to attach the LED bulb. The bulb will light up.

Mold Bread Experiment

You need three slices of bread and mold spores. Put some mold spores on each bread and put in an airtight bag. Now put one bag in the freezer, one bag in the refrigerator and one bag in a warm place in your room. Leave the bags for a few days and see the results. Observe in which temperature the mold grows quickly.

Egg In A Bottle

Boil an egg and peel it. Let the egg cool down. Now get a newspaper and cut it into pieces. Put these pieces in the bottle which has a neck narrower than the egg. Light a matchstick and put it in the bottle, so the newspaper strips burn. Now quickly place the boiled egg on top of the bottleneck. After some time the egg will go in the bottle.


You need water, glue, borax and food coloring. Mix food color with water and glue. In another pan boil water and mix borax until it dissolves completely. Now add the glue mixture to the borax mixture and mix.

Homemade Thermometer

You need a clear straw, rubbing alcohol, red food color, modeling clay and an 11-ounce clear plastic bottle. Fill the bottle to quarter with water and alcohol and add red color to it. Now use the modeling clay and insert one end of the straw in it. Use that end to cover the bottleneck and insert the straw into the bottle. Make sure that you cover the bottleneck. Your thermometer is ready. When the temperature rises, you will see the red color rise in the straw.

Acid-Base Test With Flower Petals

You can test the acids or bases with flower petals. Different petals react in a different way when you insert them in a basic or an acidic solution. When you dip a red flower in a base, it will turn blue or green. After dipping it in an acidic solution, it will turn dark red or stay the same.

Fire Needs Oxygen To Burn

You need a candle and a glass. Light the candle and cover it with a glass. You will notice that the candle goes out after some time. The reason is that to keep burning the candle needs oxygen.

Lemon Volcano

Slice the lemon from the bottom so that it sits flat. From the top cut the lemon like a volcano top. Use another lemon and squeeze it to get its juice. Now add a few drops of food color in the volcano-top lemon. Then add baking soda to it. Now add the lemon juice and see the magic.

Separate Salt From Pepper Experiment

You can easily separate the salt from pepper using magnetism. Put salt and pepper in a bowl and mix. Now charge the comb by combing your hair. Place the comb on the bowl, and you will see the pepper attaches itself to the comb and salt remains in the bowl.

Hidden Leaf Colors

Put green leaves in rubbing alcohol. Now crush a few green leaves in the alcohol. It will turn the alcohol green. Now pour the green alcohol in a jar. Roll a piece of paper and suspend it in the alcohol with a pin. Leave it overnight to see which colors come out of the green solution.

Last Lines: These are some of the best experiments which kids can do at home. These experiments do not require any expensive materials. The kids can perform these experiments with stuff available at home. These are also very interesting and informative experiments and the kids will not only have fun but also learn a lot.


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