Crunchy Slime

How to Make Crunchy & Beads Slime in 8 Simple Steps – 3 Things To Do

Do you know how to make a crunchy slime at home?

It is a different slime which produces crunchy sound when you play with it. The top of the slime is always crunchy because of the ingredients. It is not hard to make.

In this blog, I will write about the 2 different recipes for making crunchy slime. These are the recipes that you can try at home to make the best and the most crunchy slime.

How to Make Crunchy Slime (Iceberg)?

Crunchy SlimeThis crunchy slime is also known as the iceberg-slime. It forms a thick layer of ice-crunch at the top of the slime after it is ready. The crunch in the slime makes it fun to break. If you are looking to add some crunch and crisp to your slime, then follow this recipe. It is satisfying and easy to create with readily available ingredients at home.


Time Estimation

  • Prep Time: 5 Mins
  • Total Time: 2 days


  • White glue
  • Shaving gel
  • Baby powder
  • Lotion
  • Food color
  • Borax
  • Hot water

How to make Crunchy Slime properly (Step By Step Guide)?

Step 1: In a large bowl add white glue. I am taking in bulk for getting a larger slime.


how to make Crunchy Slime - Step 1


Step 2: Then add one bottle of shaving gel to the glue and mix them together until it forms a new texture.



Step 3: Now add some lotion. It will give the slime a stretchy texture.



Step 4: Then add the baby powder to give it a matte finish (optional). I am using for finishing it fast.



Step 5: Add your favorite food color a few drops and mix until smooth.



Step 6: Now take one cup of water and add one teaspoon of borax to make the slime activator. 


Add one teaspoon of this solution to the bowl to prepare the slime and Knead it until the slime is ready.


Step 7: Once it is ready, add some more shaving foam on top and mix it



Step 8: Leave it for two days. Your crunchy slime is ready! When you press it, you can hear the crunch!


 Conclusion: This recipe creates a super fluffy and crunchy slime. You will love how it breaks apart and produces that crunchy sound when you play with it.

How to Make Crunchy Beads Slime

This slime uses crunchy beads for its preparation.

You can buy the beads from the market. The beads create a perfect crunch and also give the slime a great shape. You can use the soft foam beads or any plastic beads. To make it crunchy, I prefer the plastic foam beads.

Time Estimation

Prep Time: 5 Mins

Total Time: 10 Mins


  • One bottle of Clear Glue
  • A few drops of Blue paint
  • Slime activator (Borax Solution)
  • Beads

Step by Step instruction of making crunchy beads Slime

Step 1: Take a fishbowl and add glue to it.



Step 2: Then add a few drops of blue paint to add color to the glue and mix. I used the blue paint; you can use any color of your choice.



Step 3: Now take the slime activator and add a few drops at a time and mix it.



The slime activator is for making the slime non-sticky. Keep adding the activator until the slime is ready.  But it is still sticky. The reason is that the beads will not settle and your slime will not be perfect if you make the slime non-sticky at this stage

Step 4: When it is still sticky, add the beads and mix. Keep adding the beads until you get the desired slime size.



Now add the slime activator again and mix until it forms the slime. You can feel the crunch and the beads

 Conclusion: This slime recipe creates the slime which is stretchy, non-sticky and also crunchy. You can add your favorite colored beads to make it more colorful. You can also add a variety of colored beads and mix them to make it even more versatile.


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