How to Make Bubbly Slime

Recipes of Making Bubbly Slime


Bubbly Slime recipes: Today we are going to share another working recipe that makes your slime bubbly. In this short and complete blog post, you will learn different methods of how to make bubbly slime at home without any specialized knowledge. Many of you already know how to make bubbly slime but others not aware of this. I still remember my mom always fail when she tried to make bubbly slime in my childhood. As time pass, we all grow and learn many things according to our interest and surroundings. I learn from YouTube and many blogs about How to Make Bubbly Slime. So let’s start the all the possible recipes top making slime bubblier.

How to make Cotton Candy Bubbly Slime?

Recipes of Making Bubbly Slime

I love bubbly Slime because I think it is so cool how to bubble raised on the top of the slime. So, this time I am going to make non-sticky and dry bubbly slime with the help of natural things. These ingredients can be found at every home that we use for daily basis in our house for different purposes.

Time Estimation

  • Prep Time: 10 Min.
  • Mix. Time: 15 Min.
  • Hold time: 2 Days


  • 2 Bottles of White Glue.
  • 1 Cup of foaming soap.
  • 2 Cup of Shaving Foam.
  • 4 drop of pink color.
  • 1/2 cup of concentrated liquid Starch.


Making Slime bubbly is a little tricky method. Make sure you are doing it with the right approach that I am going to write below. To make Bubble on the top of the slime, you need to wait 48 hours. So let’s get started without wasting time.

  • First of all, take a washed and clean bowl.
  • Add 2 bottles of white glue in the bowl.
  • Now you need to add 1 cup foaming soap. You can use any soap, but this time I am trying foam soap.
  • After adding foaming soap, you also need 2 cups of shaving cream. That will make it non-sticky.
  • After adding glue and foaming soap, you need to shake it for 5 to 10 minutes until it gets hard.
  • For making it beautiful and more eye-catching, I am using pink color. Add 4 drop of pink color and shake it again.
  • The essential ingredients that help you to generate a bubble in slime are liquid starch (concentrated). You can easily find in the laundry and detergent soap is of any mart.
  • After adding all the ingredients, you need to shake until it’s activated.
  • Always remember concentrated liquid starch will make it activate. You need to use activated polysaccharide at short intervals.
  • When slime activated and you feel it formed into slime now, Take a clean bowl and put all the slime in a new pot.
  • This time you need to add shaving on the top of the slime and cover this mixture at least for 2-days.
  • You will get the Bubbly Slime in 48 hours. Be patient and wait for the bubbles. You will lose your bubbles. 😛
I always love supper bubbly slime Because it’s softness and non-stickiness make me mad. This Bubbly Slime recipe is easy to make and cheap. Never forget to share with your friends.

How to Make Crunchy Bubbly Slime?

How to Make Bubbly Slime

Making Crunchy Bubbly Slime In this portion, you will learn how to make Crunchy Bubbly Slime. For this purpose, I am going to use 5 small bottles of Elmer’s white glue. I will use hand soap with the white glue. You can use any brand of hand soap. You will require half bottle of hand soap. Add white glue and hand soap in the pot and mix it until it mixes well. You also need to add some shaving foam but don’t put too much shaving cream. By adding 2-drops of purple color, you will found the delicious slime. I am using purple color but can use any other color you want to add. I am also using Laundry detergent for my slime activating. I am using Tide for this purpose you can add any other detergent powder or liquid.

Estimation Time

  • Prep Time: 12 Min.
  • Mix. Time: 15 Min. or more
  • Hold time:  15-20 Hours


  • 5-Bottles of White Elmer’s Glue
  • ½ Bottle of hand wash soap
  • ½ Cup Shaving Cream during the process and ½ after the method for making it bubbly.
  • 2 drops of purple color (any color can be used).
  • 1-Cup of detergent as a slime activator (I am using Tide detergent, but you can use any detergent).


  • First of all, take a bowl that has a lid, it will help you for making the bubble on slime.
  • Now add 5-bottles of white glue in the bowl.
  • Add half bottle of hand wash soap slowly while you are mixing it with glue.
  • Now, you need to mix glue and hand soap slowly up to 10 minutes.
  • Next step is to add shaving foam. But don’t put too much foam in the mixture.
  • Now add some color, I am using 2-drops of purple color. You can use any color.
  • So, next, you need to add laundry detergent as slime activator. Use laundry detergent slowly while you are mixing. Laundry detergent makes it nonsticky. Add more laundry detergent if you want to make it non-sticky.
  • Mix all the mixture for 10 minutes or until it got non-sticky and formed into the slime.
  • After making the slime the one and last step are remaining. This time you need to add a half cup of shaving cream at the top of the slime.
  • After making a shaving foam layer on the top of the slime take the lid down and wait for bubbles. It will take 15-20 hours for its final shape.
I am adding a significant amount of hand soap for making it bubblier. There are one more ingredients that help you to make it bubbly that is shaving cream. You need to add some shaving cream at the end of the slime activation.
These two Bubbly Slime slime recipes has been tested many times. Our team always provide you the best and easy way to make slime. Actually, as I noticed to make bubbles on slime is just a fun and tough too. Because no one is going to waits for 2 to 3 days. In the second recipe, I try to make the time shorter for fast results. You can suggest us if we forget any other way of How to Make Bubbly Slime. We will add your suggestion into this topic


How to make slime Bubbly?

Shaving foam and more time is the best way to make your slime bubbly. Add a large amount of shaving foam on the top layer of your slime and cover it with any lid. rest of the work will be done by time. you need to take it under the lid for a minimum 24 hours. By using this technique you can get more bubbles on your slime.

How to Get more Bubbles on slime?

If you want to more bubbles on you slime. You just need to wait for 3 to 4 days. Take any of your activated slimes and make a shaving cream layer on it and down the lid for 24 hours. After one day opens the bowl and mixes it slowly. Repeat this step up to 4 days. You will get the more bubbles on your slime.

What ingredient used to make it bubblier?

Shaving Cream is the only way to make your slime bubblier. After reading the above questions, you will find the results.

Why does Bubbly Slime take to much time?

Well, there is no specific answer to this question. But as I noticed and many other slimes maker says. Shaving cream has some moisture and also hold thinner. Due to the thinner and moisture, you get the bubbles. So everyone has to wait for it.

How to make bubbly slime nonsticky?

Many kids always ask this question. Well, there are many ingredients that make slime nonsticky. But for your better understanding, I am gonna explain in one short line. Any Slime activator making it’s nonstick. If you want to make more nonsticky slime add a large number of slime activators like laundry detergent and borax or another activator.


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