How to make Slushie Slime with different Ways – 3 Things To Do

It is no doubt playing with Slushie Slime is great fun for kids, however, creating the slime is even better.

A sensory activity for the kids that brings a great treat for the minds of the kids when they create something like Slushie Slime.

It will help you learn a lot of things. It is a slime which uses special Slushie beads to create that crunchy feeling. Here are two ways in which you can create this super crunchy Slushie Slime. Both these recipes are full of creativity and excitement.


How to Make Slushie Slime with Borax

Slushie Slime

It is an amazing recipe. This recipe will excite you as you create the slime. You will love it when you see the crunch form. All you need is to follow this recipe to create the Slushie Slime with Borax. Let’s get started.

Recipe With Ingredients and Instructions

  • Prep Time: 2 Mins
  • Total Time: 5 Mins


  • One bottle PVA Clear Glue
  • Food coloring
  • Slime Activator

*Prepare slime activator by adding 1 Tbsp Borax to 1 cup warm water.

  • 1 A packet of clear Slushie beans


Step 1: Take a large bowl and clean it. Now add the bottle of glue into the bowl.

Step 2: Add a drop of food coloring (I use blue, you can use any color you like). Mix until the color is even.

Step 3: Now add the slime activator in small amounts and keep mixing until the slime does not stick to the bowl anymore.

* You can use your hands too to check if the slime is sticky or not. Make sure that you do not make the slime 100% non-sticky. Otherwise, it will not stick the beads on it.

Step 4: Now take another bowl and add empty a packet of Slushie beads in it.

Step 5: Add the Slime to it and mix it with your hands. Keep mixing until all the beads are perfectly mixed in the slime.


Conclusion: This recipe is so easy that anyone can create it if they have the right ingredients. It is how you create a perfect Slushie Slime.

How to Make Slushie Slime without Borax

How will you create slime when you do not have Borax? Well, do not worry, there are many ways in which you can create a perfect Slushie Slime without using borax. It will still be perfect and crunchy as you like.

Recipe Without Borax and Instructions

Prep Time: 2 Mins

Total Time: 10 Mins


  • One large bottle of clear PVA Glue
  • Slushie Beads
  • One tablespoon Baking soda
  • 1 cup hot water
  • Saline solution
  • Glass Beads of different colors


Step 1: First, prepare the slime activator by adding one tablespoon of baking soda to hot water. Mix it and let it cool.

Step 2: Now in another bowl add the glue.

Step 3: Now add two tablespoons of baking soda solution to the glue and mix.

*The baking soda solution will make the slime sticky so that the beads stick to it.

Step 4: Now add at least two tablespoons of the Saline solution and then mix again.

*You will see that the slime is starting to form

Step 5: Now add beads. (I use golden and blue glass beads). Mix the beads and then add one more tablespoon of Saline solution.

Step 6: Take the slime out of the bowl and put it on a dry surface. Now knead it with the hands until the slime is ready. There you have it, a perfect colorful Slushie Slime!


Conclusion: You will get a perfect and super crunchy Slushie Slime using this recipe. It takes less time and involves a lot of creativity to create this wonderful slime.


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