Do you know how easy to made slime? Most of the peoples are crazy for slime however they don’t remember slime can be prepared at home. Multiple slime recipes can be found on the internet. Many YouTubers are getting good views by showing their techniques, how they make slime with home ingredients. So, I figure out and list down all the possible Slime Ingredients that can be used in the preparation of slime.

Slime is a toy-product that specially designed for school going children. It first appeared in 1976 in the market. Slime has the large audience, and the manufacturer of this product has enough money for this invention. You can find slime easily in the market. On the other side, you can prepare slime at home too.

When you try any slime recipe at home. You should have a look at these ingredients. Most of them are easy to use while using some chemical elements you have to aware from their evil side.

All the Possible Slime Ingredients

All the ingredients are not necessary for slime. Only some of them use for natural slime. In the list, I have mention common and unusual ingredients that used as an experiment. Although all these unusual experimental ingredients can also be used for making regular slime. You can use them if you know exactly what are you doing.

White Glue (PVA)

Clear Glue (Colorless)

Shaving Cream/ foam

Colors (Food coloring)

Foaming Hand Soap


Baking Soda


Contact Lens Solution

Saline Solution

Body Lotion



Baby Oil

Coconut Oil

Almond Paste

Hair Conditioner

Baby Powder


Soft Clay

Nail Polish

Face Mask

Bath Bomb

Floral Foam

Fimo Pieces

Magic Plastic

Scented Oil

Floam Beads

Fishbowl Beads

Slushie beads

honeycomb sponge

Foam Beads

Laundry Detergent

Concentrated Liquid Starch


Dish Soap

Cooking Oil

Nail Polish



Lip Gloss

Hair gel

Glue Stick


Iron granules

Eye Drops

Liquid laundry detergent




Magic-City Slime Activator

Possible Slime Activators List

In this portion, You will find all the best slime activators. Activators are the crucial slime ingredients that are most important to make slime. Read the complete slime activators in detail for avoiding the laboratory accidents. By using any activator, you get Fluffy Slimes. Click the tab by name and read out the full overview of the specific ingredient.

BoraxSaline SolutionContact Lens SolutionLiquid StarchEye DropsLaundry DetergentBaking SodaLiquid Fabric Softener

Borax has many uses; In the preparation of slime, borax plays the activator roles. Borax used for slime activation. You can use any other slime activator. But borax is cheap and popular. Liquid and powder borax can be used for this purpose.Borax

The Saline solution is another activator of slime. It can be prepared at home with the help of hot water, sodium borate, and salt. It plays the same role, in the slime recipes as other activators perform.Saline Solution

Contact lens solution mostly used to store your lenses, and your lens needs contact solution if it is not in your eyes. In slime making, it used for activation. You can say it is the rare and costly slime activator that makes your slime ready.

Contact Lens Solution

It is mostly used for cleaning purposes. It can easily be prepared at home, Wikihow write a complete tutorial on making concentrated liquid starch. Slime is mostly used as a slime activator. Many slime activators help you in activating slimes.

Concentrated Liquid Starch

It is also known as an eye-wash. It is a bit costly for slime. Eye-Wash and Eye-Drops also have the boric acid. Boric acid is the main ingredients that help in slime activation. As it is defined by name, it is an eye-drops or the drops you used for eye-lens.

eye drops

Are you thinking we are cleaning cloths? 😕 Nop, We are making slime for little kids. Laundry detergent is the most common and cheap activator for making slime. You can use any laundry detergent, powder and liquid detergent can also be used for this purpose.Laundry Detergent

It is another cheap option of a slime activation, and the first one is borax. You can use baking soda to make your slime nonsticky and rigid. Baking soda can be found in your kitchen easily.

Baking Soda

Liquid fabric softener is also a slime activator. I will not recommend using this as an activator. Because it is costly laundry product. You can use any other cheap activator as a slime activator.

Liquid fabric softener

Most Common Slime Ingredients

White Glue – The main source of slime, white glue mostly used for making wood products. Its chemical formula is Polyvinyl acetate. PVA glue mostly used for slime recipes. You can use any PVA glue, which is common and cheap in your region.

Clear Glue (Colorless) – Clear glue is the second option of the white glue. It has the same characteristic as the white glue. it is just different in color. Clear glue can identify as colorless glue.

Shaving Cream/ foam – We aware with shaving cream/ foam or gel. It is mainly used for shaving. But most of the people used shaving cream in slime recipes. It is the second main ingredients of slime.

Colors (Food coloring) – Nothing without colors. We all have some favorite colors. Most of the food colors used in Slime preparation. The main reason for its use is to give the different color to the slime. You can use any of your favorite colors.

Foaming Hand Soap – A standard product in our homes for hand washing. Liquid Hand soap or foamy hand soap can also be used in slime recipes. Mostly slime makes used this in the alternative of shaving cream.

Cornstarch – Everyone’s like soup in the winter, Yes Cornstarch is the ingredient that makes your soup thick and gives you a better feel. In slime recipes cornstarch used for making your slime less sticky. You can add cornstarch into your slime according to your need. It makes slime rigid.

Body Lotion – Everyone likes body lotion, it is a beauty product that helps us to soften our skin. Most of the people used body lotion in their slime because it maintains the softness of slime and making the slime more beautiful.

Glitter – Glitter is also a beauty product as a body lotion. Glitter is not a main r compulsory product for making slime. It is only used to make your slime beautiful and unique.

Toothpaste – Everyone needs this product twice in a day. When you woke up and start your day and secondly when you tired and close your day and you brush before sleeping. Toothpaste used in slime just for making its size larger and to making the lime non-sticky.

Baby Oil – Baby oil is the product of small children. It is used un slime preparation to make your slime nonsticky and soft. It enhances the slime softness. Most of the people use slime just for the slime shin.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil contains the fatty acid, and it is mostly used for health products. You can use this oil in slime preparation. It makes your slime nonsticky and soft.

Almond Paste – Almond Paste can prepare by sugar and ground almond in the same quantity. This can be used in slime for making your slime thick and massive.

Hair Conditioner – Everyone knows about this product and have in their homes. Hair conditioner used in slime for making slime fluffy. Slime can also be prepared without a conditioner.